Thursday, April 11, 2013

Soundless echo

I can't let this opportunity go by without some reflection on the country full of happiness, light, dramatic skies, beauty, suffering and exitement. I felt  completely absorbed by the bright colours and smells of the streets of Soweto, of Central Johannesburg or even of Alexandra. Sometimes we need to throw all our fears away and set ourselves free and wind our way through the diversity of the world. I encountered people who had literally nothing, living in a tin roof house but gave me so much of human warmth I will never forget. 
Yes, I lived in a house behind the high walls with the electric wires spread around, with the security guy standing outside on the streets, walking up and down the road. But the life behind the fences has nothing, really nothing to do with the life outside, the life in the townships full of humanity and modesty. Yet the crime I don´t want to neglect. 

Despite the youth unemployment at about 80 per cent, SA is surrounded in an aura of majesty and creative beautyBuildings very often architecturally miserable, smells of frying oils everywhere, yet something about the south african scenes moved me. In Soweto, away from snobbery, bourgeoisie, racism (!), pomposity I enjoyed the beautiful visual chaos, values, anchoring emotions. It has been about finding poetry in modesty, about simplicity, sunshine that makes a happy happier, about intense reactions, exocitism,creativity, about eagerness. South Africa is definitely not for those afraid of storms or robberies and humanity.

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